Reasons to Undergo Adult Orthodontic Treatment

As an adult, there are many things to think about when considering beginning orthodontic treatment at American River Orthodontics. One of these things, perhaps the most important, is why orthodontic treatments may be beneficial to you. Dr. Payne says that the following list is just a few of the many ways that orthodontics can improve your life in Carmichael, CA.


First Impressions – First impressions are very important, and a smile says a lot about a person up front. When meeting people for the first time, our patients in Carmichael, CA want to send a good message, and a straight perfect smile is just the way to do so.


Professional Advantages – As a professional in the workplace, you want your coworkers and bosses to see you in a positive light. A professional image can help you attain that respect. Carrying yourself with confidence is a big part of this, and American River Orthodontics wants to boost your self-confidence by correcting your smile. Orthodontic treatment will help you to fall in love with your smile again, and project an air of confidence that will boost your professionalism.


Health Advantages – Oral health is about a lot more than just the mouth. Bad oral hygiene and issues with the gums have been linked to many other health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. American River Orthodontics is interested in keeping all of our Carmichael, CA patients as healthy as can be. Stop by our Carmichael office to see how orthodontic treatments can lower your risk for these health problems.


Now is the Right Time – For adults in Carmichael, CA, now is the perfect time to get that straight smile you’ve always longed for. American River Orthodontics is experienced in providing orthodontic treatments to people of all ages, and is eager to help you make your lifestyle change. Plus, with all the new technology that’s out there, now is the best time to begin treatment. If you are interested in a virtually invisible system that no one can notice but you, American River Orthodontics offers Invisalign to adult patients in Carmichael, CA. Traditional metal braces are also a much quicker procedure nowadays as well.


If you are an adult living in Carmichael, CA, there are many reasons you should look into correcting your smile. A perfect smile from American River Orthodontics can dramatically improve your life. To begin your treatment with Dr. Payne now, Contact our office. 


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