Clear Retainers in Lincoln, CA

Invisalign is a unique way to get the straight smile you’ve always dreamed of. But once the aligners come off, it is time for a retainer. So, you may be wondering if it is possible to get a retainer that is just like Invisalign: clear, comfortable, and convenient. The answer, says Dr. Payne, is yes.


Clear Retainers

American River Orthodontics of Lincoln, CA can provide you with a clear plastic retainer that is virtually invisible, and far more comfortable than those with metal. Regardless of which type of braces you had (metal or Invisalign), these retainers are available to you at the office of Dr. Payne.


Do I need a retainer?

At American River Orthodontics we almost always advise patients to get a retainer. Retainers help to keep patients in Lincoln, CA from losing all the progress they made with braces. Braces work to move the teeth, but it may take some time for the teeth to resettle in their new positions and let the bone reform tightly around the teeth. Retainers keep the teeth from shifting during this time.


Keep in mind, that each case is different. For example, some patients may need to wear a retainer all the time, while some only need it at night. Only Dr. Payne and the team at American River Orthodontics can assess which plan is right for you. However, be sure to follow whatever instruction you are given by the doctor. Following your unique directions will make sure that your smile is maintained in the best way possible.


What are the benefits of a clear retainer?

American River Orthodontics feels that clear retainers are a great option for our patients in Lincoln, CA. Unlike metal ones, clear retainers are virtually invisible. Aside from this, they are smooth and comfortable, so they will not take any getting used to. Lastly, they are very hygienic because they are easy to clean and care for. Their only downside, Dr. Payne cautions, is that they may be easy to misplace. Ensure that you are taking good care of your retainer and keeping a watchful eye on it when it is removed so as not to misplace it.


What to do next?

If you are interested in a clear retainer, do not hesitate to Contact American River Orthodontics. We will provide you with a personalized plan and all the information you need to get started with your retainer. Our Lincoln office is eager to hear from you!


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