White Spot Prevention in Granite Bay, CA

The day every brace wearer in Granite Bay, CA looks forward to is the day their braces are removed and they can see their beautiful, unhindered smile!  But, for some, white spots surround where their braces once were.  These white spots are known as demineralization and can happen to anyone, not just brace wearers.


Demineralization of the teeth occurs when food is left on the teeth.  The food interacts with bacteria on the teeth, otherwise known as plaque, causing acid to form.  This acid is what eats away at the calcium and phosphate of the teeth, causing white spots or demineralization. These spots can be sensitive and can lead to cavities.  Even people who don’t wear braces can experience demineralization, though braces are a common culprit due to the fact that braces are good at trapping food.


Here at American River Orthodontics we work to establish good oral hygiene with all our patients.  If good oral hygiene was not practiced while wearing braces, a square white mark around the bracket can occur.  Braces trap food more easily, so it is very important to practice good oral hygiene while wearing braces. Dr. Payne and the team at American River Orthodontics offer these tips to brace wearers in Granite Bay, CA to help minimize these white spots:


–      Brush thoroughly after eating to remove any food debris from around the braces

–      Floss once a day

–      Use a fluoride rinse daily

–      Limit sugary sodas and juices


To have the best smile you can in Granite Bay, CA, make sure to brush thoroughly and often, and keep up with your visits to American River Orthodontics!  If you have any questions about your oral hygiene, please Contact us.


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