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Despite which treatment plan they have chosen from American River Orthodontics, whether it be traditional braces, Invisalign, or other options, one of the most important questions we get from patients in Orangevale, CA is often “when will my treatment be completed?” Patients in Orangevale are eager to speed up their treatment process and move right on to having a bright and beautiful smile. Of course, we at American River Orthodontics are hoping for the same result as well. Here is what to do if you are hoping to complete your treatment as quickly as possible.


Keep up regular visits with American River Orthodontics. The only way to track your progress is by stopping in to the Orangevale, CA office to see Dr. Payne. Our team will be able to observe the condition of your mouth and decide if your treatment plan needs any adjustments. We will then change your plan accordingly, making sure that your teeth are on the right track. By doing this consistently, we will ensure that your teeth are always heading in the direction they need to be, saving you time and ensuring the perfect results from American River Orthodontics.


Follow all Dr. Payne’s instructions. While the doctor influences much of the outcome of treatment, you as the patient are hugely important to your own personal success as well. Ensure that you are following all the directions given to you by the staff at American River Orthodontics. These directions are carefully planned to make sure that treatment goes smoothly, so following them correctly and diligently will make treatment easier and quicker. Keeping up good oral hygiene in Orangevale, CA is crucial as well. By keeping your mouth in its best shape, you will find it easier to complete treatment with beautiful results.


Keep in mind that every case is different. New technology has made it possible to achieve results that used to take several years much more quickly. In some cases they can even be achieved in about one year’s time! But that does not mean that every single patient in Orangevale, CA will be able to see perfect results in under a year. Dr. Payne will assess the severity of your case and select a unique treatment plan that is right for your mouth. This treatment plan will have a timeline that you will have to follow, and while following all of the above steps may help to shorten the timeline a little bit, it is never a good idea to drastically rush treatment. As teeth move, the bone around them breaks down and reforms to accommodate their new positions. Should you rush your treatment, you may not give the bone enough time to settle, resulting in relapse of the original positions, or even loss of the teeth!


American River Orthodontics of Orangevale, CA is eager to bring you speedy, shimmering smiles. If you have any further questions or concerns about your treatment, do not hesitate to Contact us.


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