Affording Braces Near Citrus Heights?

Affording the cost of braces near Citrus Heights is an important issue. It is important for both children and adults to get braces when they need them, but sometimes people worry about the cost of braces. There are many options available to help people afford braces, either for themselves or their children, and the rewards are well worth it. Braces inspire confidence, both in children and adults as well as foster a higher self-esteem if you have beautiful teeth. Properly aligned teeth can also help both children and adults to speak better and to be able to eat easier as well. If you or your children need braces near Citrus Heights, it is important to make sure that these needs are taken care of.

Affording the cost of braces near Citrus Heights – Financing:

One of the best ways to afford the cost of braces is to finance them. Dr. Michael Payne of American River Orthodontics, offers great  rates so that you can enjoy being able to pay for braces without breaking the bank! If you are in need of braces near Citrus Heights but are worried about affording them, contact us, we will be happy to work with you!

Affording the cost of braces near Citrus Heights – Insurance:

If you have dental insurance at work, it could help cover the costs of you or your child’s braces near Citrus Heights. You should look closely at your dental insurance to see what it will cover. Even if your policy only saves you a small percentage, it is still a good option. Even small amounts of money can add up to big savings over time.

Both you and your children deserve to have amazing smiles and the cost of braces near Citrus Heights (or anywhere else!) shouldn’t get in the way. With all of the options available, there is sure to be a good choice for your specific case. You can enjoy saving money while giving you or your children (or both!) a smile that will be beneficial throughout the rest of your lives. The main thing is that you and your children have a chance to have a smile that you will not be ashamed to show off and that you will always be glad to see.

Each patient is unique. That’s why we customize each treatment plan and present treatment options based on your personal orthodontic needs. We combine personal care with our high technology and continuing education to ensure the best possible patient experience and beautiful smile results.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of care and help you achieve the smile that you want and deserve! So whether it’s braces near Citrus Heights or one of our many other services, contact us at American River Orthodontics at: 916-486-4233 to ensure you get the smile you deserve!


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