Top 4 Oral Health Tips For Teenagers in Sacramento, CA
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Teens have a lot to think about. Whether it’s school or social, the list can be long, and often, oral health does not make the cut. Teens tend to forget to keep up good oral care, or are unaware of some of the harmful effects their everyday routines may be having on their oral health in Sacramento, CA. It is important as you transition from childhood to adult life that you maintain the condition of your teeth. That is why American River Orthodontics in Sacramento, CA has created a list of 4 basic things teens should remember, in order to help get their teeth in the best shape they can be.

  1. Avoid Whitening Treatments – When used properly and on a limited basis, whitening treatments can be perfectly fine. However, there are many unknown dangers to using whitening strips, including damage to the tooth’s nerves and enamel. Overusing treatments that contain hydrogen peroxide can actually cause you to whiten the white out of the teeth, making them appear translucent and gray. So, Dr. Payne says, be sure to only use whitening agents sparingly. The safest bet for teens in Sacramento, CA is to stick to a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash, rather than other harsher systems. Also, remember that while wearing braces, you should not whiten teeth, for they will be unevenly colored when the brackets are removed. For more information about safe whitening options, call American River Orthodontics.
  2. Watch What You Eat- Don’t worry, no diet necessary. What this means is that teens are often unaware that food can greatly affect their oral health in Sacramento, CA. However, foods are directly related to the condition of the teeth. For example, there are many foods that can stain the teeth and should be avoided. These include coffee, sodas, and berries. American River Orthodontics says that you should never eat these in excessive amounts, but especially not when you have braces on. They will cause discoloration that cannot reach behind braces and will make for an uneven result at the end of treatment. Additionally, be careful of gooey, sticky, and extremely sugary foods. These are likely to get trapped and stuck to the teeth, increasing the risk of cavities and tooth decay. Dr. Payne says if you do happen to eat something like this, be sure to brush and floss immediately after to keep your oral health in Sacramento, CA pristine.
  3. Wear Your Retainer- >If you have already completed your time with braces from American River Orthodontics, your smile may be done but your oral care in Sacramento, CA is not. A retainer is still a very key part of treatment. It will keep your teeth looking as good as they did the day you got your braces off, and without a retainer you may need to re-do treatment later in life. Also remember to wear your retainer exactly as Dr. Payne has directed. Often teenagers say “I can skip a night” and ditch their appliance when sleeping at a friend’s house or going on vacation. But, a retainer’s schedule cannot be too flexible, or it’s not doing the job. So even though it may be inconvenient or tough to remember, be sure that you are keeping up with your retention in Sacramento, CA.
  4. Call Us With Problems- SATs, after school sports, and a social life are all things that take up a teenager’s time. When a problem occurs with orthodontic appliances or any oral malfunction, it is not always addressed right away. However, it is important that you fit a visit to the American River Orthodontics office into your schedule as soon as possible should a problem occur. These types of issues should not take a back seat, as they are dangerous to your oral health and appearance. Contact American River Orthodontics immediately if anything breaks, feels uncomfortable, or needs attention. Additionally, teens in Sacramento, CA should come into the office for regular checkups, just to keep an eye on their treatment progress and oral health.

Teens in Sacramento have a lot to worry about, but often oral health is left out of the mix. By following these simple tips, teens should be able to easily keep their oral health sparkling, and their teeth looking and feeling great.  For more tips or information, Contact American River Orthodontics at (916) 486-4233.


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