Navigating Your Invisalign Journey: Tips for Optimal Comfort

In today’s world, Invisalign® has emerged as a leading solution for straightening teeth, known for its unique blend of convenience and discretion. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are lightweight, sleek, and most importantly, virtually invisible. Crafted from smooth, clear thermoplastic material, each set of aligners is custom-designed to be worn for about two weeks before transitioning to the next set in your treatment plan.

While Invisalign is celebrated for its comfort, we understand that a new set of aligners can initially cause some patients a bit of discomfort or soreness as their mouth and teeth adapt. Here, we share expert advice from Dr. Payne and the compassionate team at American River Orthodontics in Sacramento, CA, on how to enhance your Invisalign experience:

Smooth the Edges: The Emery Board Trick

After receiving a fresh set of aligners, some patients report minor discomfort in their tongue or cheeks due to the edges of the aligners. An emery board, similar to a nail file with a smooth side and a coarse side, can be gently used to smooth out any rough edges for a more comfortable fit.

Guard Against Irritation: Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax is a clear, silicone-based product designed specifically for dental use. Applying a small strip of this wax along the gum line can significantly reduce and prevent irritation to your gums, tongue, or lips.

Soothe and Protect: Canker-X

Canker-X is a topical ointment that effectively treats mouth sores and canker sores. With the active ingredient benzocaine, a topical anesthetic, it numbs the area of application and acts as a protective bandage, offering hours of relief and comfort.

Manage Initial Soreness: Consider Advil

While severe discomfort is rare, over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Advil, can be helpful during the first 12-24 hours of wearing a new set of aligners. Taking a pain reliever before sleep, when first applying a new set of aligners, can ease the adjustment period, letting you wake up to a more comfortable fit.

Combat Dry Mouth: Biotene & XyliMelts

For those who experience dry mouth with Invisalign, especially during public speaking engagements, Biotene, a moisturizing mouth spray, and XyliMelts, soothing lozenges, can help. They are designed to lubricate and hydrate the mouth throughout the day or night.

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Your Comfort, Our Priority at American River Orthodontics

Dr. Payne and our dedicated team at American River Orthodontics are your trusted partners in orthodontic care in Sacramento, Arden Arcade, Rancho Cordova, and Fair Oaks, CA. We are wholeheartedly committed to your comfort and success on your journey to a radiant, confident smile with Invisalign or 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners.

Ready to explore the transformative power of Invisalign? Contact American River Orthodontics to schedule your free consultation today. Call us at (916) 486-4233 – your brilliant new smile awaits!


Michael H. Payne, DDS, MSD

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