Have You Ever Wondered How Orthodontia Works?
before and after braces

Dr. Michael Payne and the team at American River Orthodontics know that clear concise information about orthodontics treatment helps their prospective patients understand how orthodontic treatment works and allays any fear of the unknown regarding orthodontic treatment near Carmichael, CA.


  • At what age should I or my child seek orthodontic treatment? Dr. Michael Payne and the professionals at American River Orthodontics specialize in treating children and adults. A child’s first examination for orthodontic issues should be about age 7. This is when most adult teeth have all grown in and allows early orthodontic intervention for any emerging issues.
  • How do I know which kind of braces are right for me? Dr. Michael Payne and the American River Orthodontics team will examine the patient and determine their needs and discuss with them their treatment goals. There are various options for orthodontic treatment depending on what the problem is.
  • Can I just get Invisalign from my dentist? Invisalign clear aligners can be fitted by a general dentist, but a course of  treatment with Invisalign from American River Orthodontics is specialized and unique for each patient. Dr. Michael Payne is a certified orthodontist and, unlike a dentist, Dr. Michael Payne has the education and experience allows that ensures the best orthodontic treatment outcomes possible. The American River Orthodontics staff will show you how to integrate the Invisalign system into your lifestyle and make your orthodontics experience near Carmichael, CA as convenient as possible.


Do you have more questions? Do you want to learn more about orthodontics? Do you just want somewhere to get started? The team at American River Orthodontics near Carmichael, CA looks forward to helping you pave the way to a better and brighter smile. To schedule an initial consultation, or for more information, call: 916.486.4233.


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