5 Easter Candies that can Damage Braces
colored Easter eggs with painted smiley faces

It’s always important to remember that good oral health habits like brushing and flossing will not only keep you healthy, but will speed up your orthodontic treatment as well! Some specific candies can hinder your progress as it’s possible for them to get stuck in your braces, or even break brackets or wires. Dr. Michael Payne, a certified orthodontist in Sacramento, CA, says that these should be avoided at all costs in order to reduce the possibility of any setbacks during your treatment. That’s why he and his team at American River Orthodontics are here today- to explain the harm that these candies can do to your teeth!

Jelly Beans

It’s always fun to dig into a big pile of jelly beans left in your basket on Easter morning, but these little candies can do a lot of harm. They can stick to your brackets, and actually break them or pull them off of your teeth. Dr. Michael Payne says that because of their high sugar content, they’re a prime food source for plaque that builds up in your mouth, overall reducing your general dental health.

Chocolate Bunnies

Although some can be solid or completely hollow, the chocolate bunny is an Easter classic. Regardless, a American River Orthodontics associate tells us that chocolate is actually one of the worst culprits causing plaque accumulation. It’s important to brush and floss regularly to reduce the amount of bacteria buildup; otherwise you may be in worse shape than when you started your orthodontic treatment.

Mini Eggs

These little candy-coated chocolate eggs are a famous Easter treat around the world. Although delicious, the hard candy coating is not so great for your braces, as they make it possible for you to break specific parts or bend wires. Dr. Michael Payne says if you must eat these, gently crack the coating with your back teeth, and let the chocolate melt in your mouth. Be sure to brush afterwards!

Marshmallow Chicks

Who doesn’t love to bite into a cute, brightly-colored, sugary Peep? Just remember that the soft and gooey marshmallow can get stuck in your brackets, and one of our American River Orthodontics friends says that you may require careful cleaning to remove it.

Hard or Soft Caramel

The stickiest offender among those mentioned; caramels can actually pull brackets right off of your teeth. Dr. Michael Payne recommends eating the hard candies, as it’s more difficult for them to get stuck to anything, and sucking on them is virtually harmless provided some brushing is done at some point afterwards.

If you plan on eating lots of candy this Easter, then plan on doing lots of cleaning as well! Brushing and flossing are imperative in keeping your teeth clean and healthy, and will advance and quicken your orthodontic treatment. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Sacramento, CA who can provide you or your children with healthy brushing tips, quality treatment with braces, or knowledge of every candy in the book, then American River Orthodontics is here for you! Calling 916.486.4233 will connect you to one of our fantastic American River Orthodontics friends, who will be happy to schedule you a free initial consultation with Dr. Michael Payne. Don’t wait, call today, and have a super-great Easter!


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