How To Decide if Invisalign Teen is Right For You

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After debating the many different orthodontic treatment plans available, you believe Invisalign Teen is the right one for you. But how can you be sure it will bring about the perfect smile? Dr. Michael Payne at American River Orthodontics is here with a list of questions to ask yourself to judge if you would be a good fit for Invisalign Teen in College Greens.

  1. Am I responsible? To have Invisalign Teen you need to have the responsibility to care for traditional metal braces and then some. Not only do you have to keep them clean, but you need to know where they are at all times. Because Invisalign Teen is removable and clear, they can easily be misplaced when not in your mouth and responsibility is needed so they are not thrown out by accident. It is also important to have responsibility when remembering to put them back in your mouth after you take them out for eating or brushing. Finally, because Invisalign Teen is removable, your sets change every two weeks and it is important to be responsible enough to remember when you need a new set.
  2. How much work do I need done? Usually, Invisalign Teen is recommended by orthodontists to those who do not have as much work needed to be done. Invisalign Teen is great at fixing smaller issues such as over or underbites, overcrowding, gapped teeth, or general spacing issues. However, more major work such as raising and lowering teeth, large tooth spacings, and teeth that are extremely angled are better suited for traditional braces.
  3. Will Invisalign Teen fit into my lifestyle? One major benefit to Invisalign Teen is that it is virtually invisible. Because of this, Invisalign is a great fit for those who are constantly in front of people showing off their smile. Another benefit to Invisalign Teen being clear and removable is that you can keep your diet and foods the same without the constrictions of traditional metal braces. However, you need to take your Invisalign Teen out every time you eat. For many this is a drawback if you are out to dinner with friends, family, or work and have to take out your aligners.
  4. How much time and money can I spend on my orthodontic treatment? The benefit to Invisalign is that it is usually on teeth for a much shorter timespan. Tradition braces are usually on patients for around two years, while Invisalign Teen is closer to a year or a year at a half. However, Invisalign appointments are more frequent than traditional braces appointments, being about six months apart from one another. While these check-ups are usually short, it is important to decide if you can allot that amount of time to make it to our orthodontist in College Greens. When it comes to money, Invisalign is more expensive than traditional metal braces are. Depending on how much work needs to be done on your teeth, traditional braces can cost between $1,200 and $3,000. Invisalign Teen has a starting price tag of around $5,000.00. Do not let the price of these treatments scare you away however. American River Orthodontics has specific payment plans which can be worked out according to the individual patient.

Invisalign Teen is a great, growing option for many patients who want to get a beautiful, straight smile.  If you have any additional questions or want to set up a consultation with Dr. Michael Payne to see if Invisalign Teen is the right option for you, you can visit American River Orthodontics in College Greens or call 916-486-4233.



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