Editorial Policy

American River Orthodontics’ Editorial Policy

At American River Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to blending top-tier orthodontic expertise with the personal touch that every patient deserves. Led by Dr. Michael H. Payne, our content is crafted to demystify the world of orthodontics, making it accessible and engaging. Dr. Payne’s extensive background in general dentistry and orthodontics enriches our approach, offering you insights grounded in comprehensive care and innovative solutions.

Empathy and Precision in Every Interaction

Dr. Payne’s journey from exploring engineering to embracing orthodontics underscores our commitment to precision and personal care. With a philosophy centered around patient education and one-on-one interactions, our content aims to reflect this ethos. We believe in the power of informed patients and strive to make our website a reflection of our patient-centered practice.

Expertise That Sets Us Apart

  • Dr. Michael H. Payne, DDS, MSD: A testament to excellence in orthodontics, Dr. Payne brings a wealth of experience, from his distinguished service as a Major in the United States Air Force to his specialization in orthodontics. His credentials, including board certification and memberships in prestigious societies like the Angle Society of Orthodontists, embody the highest standards of care and knowledge that inform our website’s content.
  • A Collaborative Approach: Our articles are meticulously crafted by experts, blending Dr. Payne’s clinical insights with the latest in orthodontic research and practices. This collaborative process ensures our information is not only accurate but also resonates with our readers’ needs and questions.

Privacy and Trust

Respecting your privacy is fundamental to our online space. We prioritize the confidentiality of your health information, adhering to strict privacy guidelines and fostering a safe environment for all our visitors.

Engagement and Feedback Welcomed

Your voice matters to us. While we don’t host comments on our site to protect privacy, we encourage you to reach out through our provided channels for any inquiries or feedback. Dr. Payne’s commitment to patient education extends online, where every question is an opportunity for learning and engagement.

Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement

The field of orthodontics is ever-evolving, and so is our commitment to providing you with the most current and comprehensive information. Our content is regularly reviewed and updated, reflecting the latest advancements and ensuring you have the best resources at your fingertips.

At American River Orthodontics, we’re more than a practice; we’re your partners in achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Welcome to a place where your care is informed by expertise and inspired by empathy.

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