Use an Orthodontist in Citrus Heights for Your Braces, Not a Dentist

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Your dentist might have told you that they offer “braces” as one of their services and they might of told you that they can give you braces at a cheaper price than orthodontists in the Citrus Heights area,  but a lesser price almost always guarantees a “lesser” treatment.  American River Orthodontics says a regular dentist is most likely will not understand how complicated your particular case may be.  You do not want to add time and expense to your treatment which often happens when a dentist attempts your orthodontic treatment.  It is very likely you will need corrective work done by Dr. Payne and his team at American River orthodontics.

American River Orthodontics says that orthodontists are specially trained in tooth movement and jaw function; dentists are not. Yes, some dentists have taken a few course hours to learn how to do Invisalign or other types of brace, but that is not the main thing that they do. In terms of education, Orthodontists first go to dental school and become dentists. Then they attend an orthodontic program for several more years to learn specifically about tooth movement, jaw function, and facial aesthetics. After that, they take a special exam to become Board Certified.  Orthodontists handle assessing all alignment issues, and then they can advise patients on procedures like braces. When a patient decides to move forward on braces, an orthodontist can help them select the best option, and then manage their care.

Dr. Payne and other orthodontists have worked hard to get specialized training and education, in order to provide you with access to different dental solutions like clear braces, palette expanders and all types of braces. For the best orthodontic treatment, use an orthodontist in the Citrus Heights area, call American River Orthodontics at (916) 486-4233 for their Sacramento office or if you are closer to Roseville, that location’s number is (916) 786-2442.


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