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Damon® System

Self-ligating Damon® System braces can reduce your treatment time

If you haven’t yet heard about the amazing Damon System® of self-ligating dental braces, you will. Damon is a revolutionary system of high-quality dental braces and arch wires. It offers people who want to straighten their teeth several advantages over other bracing methods. It can actually help Dr. Payne avoid the extraction of healthy teeth, or the use of palatal expanders to create space. These traditional procedures can be uncomfortable and lengthen treatment time. They may also lead to a narrower arch. Damon smiles, on the other hand, use very light forces to straighten teeth and enhance the overall facial appearance for each patient. The result: full, natural-looking smiles.

Why choose Michael H. Payne, DDS, MSD?

Michael H. Payne, DDS, MSD, is a certified Damon braces provider, as well as a board-certified orthodontist and member of the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, California Association of Orthodontists and California Dental Association. He has practiced orthodontics exclusively in Sacramento since 1998. He combines three key Damon braces components to deliver faster treatment with fewer appointments, more comfort and  high-quality results:

  • Passive, self-ligating braces eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties. Damon’s tie-less braces do not require tightening.
  • Damon braces use unique high-tech shape-memory wires that straighten teeth faster with fewer adjustments.
  • New clinically-proven treatment approach aligns teeth and enhances facial esthetics — without unwanted, uncomfortable extractions or so-called palatal expanders.

Traditional braces use elastic tie-ins, which can cause friction and pressure. This makes treatment less comfortable and slower. Damon system braces use a patented slide mechanism to hold the archwire and allow teeth to move freely and quickly. Damon braces are designed to be discreet and easy to clean. Since there are no elastic ties, they do not collect plaque like other brace options. Damon braces can even make good dental hygiene much easier during treatment.

New Damon Clear® braces: more than meets the eye

Damon System is now available in clear brackets – perfect for image-conscious and self-conscious teens and adults.Damon Clear braces have clear advantages over traditional dental braces, not the least of which is that they are virtually invisible. The innovative Damon System combines tieless braces with high-tech archwires that move teeth quickly and comfortably. Damon delivers spectacular facial esthetics and beautiful smiles. And Dr. Michael H. Payne provides them right here in Sacramento, CA, combining the best features of traditional clear braces and the latest invisible aligners to deliver a uniquely discreet treatment experience with stellar results.

We thank you for visiting the website of American River Orthodontics, an orthodontic care provider committed to creating beautiful, confident smiles throughout the Sacramento and Roseville, California areas. Dr. Michael H. Payne offers solutions to straighten teeth as well as correcting orthognathic conditions such as an overbite.

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