Orthodontic Assistant

R.D.A., O.A.P.

Simona loves family, friends and nature. When not at the office you may even find her roller skating at the local roller rink! Simona joined the American River Orthodontics team as an Orthodontic Assistant in January, 2018, after her intense interest was cultivated while pursuing her RDA, CDA and OAP licenses from Sacramento City College Dental Assisting Program. She enjoys meeting so many different patients and being part of the journey to transform their smiles. Simona’s enthusiasm and dedication serving patients at American River Orthodontics stems from having the opportunity to learn so many new things and grow as a dental health professional.

R.D.A., O.A.P.

Chrissy has been with American River Orthodontics since 2013. When Chrissy isn’t chasing her adorable son around town, she is spending time with family, cooking and walking. When she has a moment to sit down, she enjoys a good movie every now and again. Fascinated with dentistry as a child, she aspired to learn as much as she could about it. Chrissy pursued her education as a Registered Dental Assistant and graduated in 2009. Since that time, she worked in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry and found her home in Orthodontics. What she loves about working in Orthodontics is learning new things every day. She enjoys the daily challenge of mastering cutting-edge techniques.

R.D.A., O.A.P.

Jenny loves the ocean, game nights with family and is a great resource for new restaurants downtown. Plus, she LOVES Harry Potter! She has been with American River Orthodontics since 2002, having joined the team immediately after earning her RDA from Sacramento City College. In high school, Jenny watched the girls in her Orthodontists office while she underwent treatment. They had so much fun doing their job! This sparked Jenny’s interest in the profession and she has excelled ever since. Her favorite thing about this line of work is the variety of patients, helping both children and adults. She also likes being involved in changing people’s lives for the better.

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