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Making Braces Fit Your Lifestyle in Sacramento CA

When you first get braces at American River Orthodontics, there are a few things you’ll have to adjust to get optimal results in the shortest amount of time. If you have any questions about the “do’s and don’ts” of living with braces,...

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American River Ortho Fun Ways To Celebrate the Fourth

On July 4th every year, Americans come together to celebrate one of the grandest days in American history, Independence Day! July 4th is a time for family, friends, and patriotism, and it’s nearing close. American River Orthodontics is excited to...

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Causes and Treatments of a “Bad Bite” in Rio Linda, CA

Orthodontic treatments are used to correct malocclusion, a condition more commonly known as a bad bite. Yet many people in Rio Linda, CA don’t know the causes of bad bites, or the treatment options! American River Orthodontics offers information...

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How Stress in Orangevale CA Effects Your Oral Health

Unfortunately, there are many triggers that can give children and teens stress. Tests at school, troubles with friends or family, a job, or even just making time for everything can create stress in teens and kids.  Of course, we know that stress is...

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invisalign in rancho cordova ca

Invisalign in Rancho Cordova CA

Do you live in Rancho Cordova CA and do you want straighter teeth?  Consider Invisalign to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted — without braces. A complimentary consultation with the office of American River Orthodontics,...

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5 Tips For Protecting Your Teeth This Summer In La Riviera, CA

School is out and kids are ready to break free of their usual routines. The summer is often the time when young children let their tooth care deteriorate the most; they forget to brush and be cautious of diet, and can often run into hazards while on...

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5 Problems Treatment From American River Orthodontics Can Fix

The mouth is a complex part of the body, but undoubtedly one of the most important. There are many kinds of misalignments or other problems that can occur in patients in Granite Bay, CA. Luckily, American River Orthodontics is here to help. Below is...

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Benefits of Invisalign in Citrus Heights

Invisalign is currently the biggest trend in orthodontics worldwide. Patients of all ages, including adults, have begun to take advantage of this invisible system. In fact, even celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Cruise...

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