5 Tips For Protecting Your Teeth This Summer In La Riviera, CA

School is out and kids are ready to break free of their usual routines. The summer is often the time when young children let their tooth care deteriorate the most; they forget to brush and be cautious of diet, and can often run into hazards while on vacation or playing sports. But warm weather should not mean a lack of care in La Riviera, California. Here are 5 helpful tips for patients of American River Orthodontics to make sure your teeth stay bright and beautiful this summer.

  1. Watch your sugar intake – Ice cream cones, cans of soda, and popsicles are all summer barbecue favorites. Dr. Payne reminds patients that too much sugar leads to cavities and even plaque buildup. Moderation is key, and to best avoid damage, brush your teeth after each time you eat something sweet.
  2. Teeth are for smiles, not handiwork – American River Orthodontics has seen so many examples of fractures and breaks from people using their teeth as a tool.  Next time you need to open a package or bottle, turn to your hands, not your teeth!!
  3. Straws may help limit acid damage- Many people in La Riviera, CA do not realize just how much acid is in common foods. Many sodas and fruit juices are highly acidic and will cause damage to the teeth. American River Orthodontics recommends this tiny tip, which seems silly but can be largely beneficial in the long run. When drinking something acidic, use a straw! This limits contact with the surfaces of the teeth and prevents some damage.
  4. Be especially careful when playing sports – At summer camps or sporting events, many players get very involved in the game and forget to pay close attention to their teeth. Injuries often occur during contact sports, but can occur during swimming and many other summertime favorites as well. Watch out for your teeth and avoid To be safe, wear a mouth guard. Contact American River Orthodontics to find out how to select one that is right for you. Additionally, if you run into any problems or emergencies, do not hesitate to see Dr. Payne
  5. Keep up regular visits at American River Orthodontics – while your routine is changing, do not forget to keep your appointment schedule the same. American River Orthodonticswill be able to check up on you frequently and address any issues that may have come up during the summer. Additionally, we can track your progress in La Riviera, CA. For more information, contact the American River Orthodontics office in La Riviera, CA or visit us online today.


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